Blacksmith Festival coming to Reynlow Park

A four day and four night Blacksmith Arts Festival is coming the area May 19-23. It will be held in the pavilion area of Reynlow Park.

Last year’s event was held in the fall in the camping area of the park and attracted blacksmith enthusiasts and artists from across the country.
This year’s gathering, titled “Renaissance at Reynlow,” is expected to be much larger says organizer Michael Fossler.

“We are bringing in the old school smiths, tool collectors, dealers, and new age blade smiths and tool makers in a way that’s never been done before,” he said.

Fossler praised the location, saying, “We have lots of open area for forging, camping, vendor tents and trailers, tail-gating, forging stations, pubic parking, campers and RVs.”

The gathering, Fossler says, will include several Forged in Fire contestants and winners and expert blade smiths from around the country. They will be forging, grinding, heat-treating live all weekend, day and night, making blades and special forged tooling and art from start to finish. There will also be expert blade, hammer, tooling, metal artists doing demonstrations, and training classes all four days.

“There will be tons of anvils, vises, knives, hammers, tongs, hardy tools, and leather goods at the flea market. Early birds get the worm,” Fossler added.

Reynlow Park is located along Sportsman’s Dam Road near Reynoldsville.

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